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Watching live sports can be a ton of fun but having money on the line turns it into a unique experience that amps up the excitement. Luckily for betting enthusiasts, Speedy Spel offers an unending variety of sports to place bets on. From the world’s most preferred sports to less popular, niche sports — it is a world of betting at the end of your fingertips. Whether you are looking for pre-game or live betting, Speedy Spel leads the way. In addition, Speedy Spel provides some fun alternatives for non-sports bettors who are looking for unique betting opportunities, such as entertainment events, political elections, and so much more!


Betting sites around the world have their own ways and formats for expressing the same concept or probability. The odds at Speedy Spel are called decimal odds — they are widely popular in Europe. Decimal odds are known for their simplicity and are shown as two figures separated by a full stop. To calculate how much your bet will return, you just multiply the odds by the stake you bet.

There are other types of odds as well:

  • Fractional odds, also known as British odds, show how much money you will receive back for the amount you bet. The number on the left side of the fraction is the amount you will win if you bet the amount on the right side of the fraction.
  • American odds are popular in the United States and are denoted by a plus or a minus sign in front of the number. While the number after the minus sign represents how much you will have to wager to win a hundred dollars, the number after the plus sign stands for the amount you will win for every hundred dollars you bet.
  • Our Sports

    At Speedy Spel, sports bettors find they are spoilt for choice as we aim to offer odds on all the major tournaments and sporting events from around the world. Swing into action of the exciting world of online sports betting and choose from the extensive list of sports you can place your bets on, including Football, Ice Hockey, Tennis, and Basketball, to name but a few. Speedy Spel tops the table when it comes to the number of leagues covered. You will find the Champions League, NHL, Premier League, and the NBA — and if you follow other leagues, you can be sure that we have them as well! At Speedy, you can even enjoy betting on eSports and Virtual Sports, including Virtual Basketball, Greyhounds, Horse Racing, Football, and more. The opportunities are endless!

    Live Betting

    Live betting, also known as in-play betting, is a form of betting that takes place while the match is being played — and is one of the most exciting ways to bet. This form of betting is perfect if you crave the excitement of a high-paced action and that adrenaline rush feeling while your favourite team is playing. You can follow the action on TV, watch the game at the stadium, or with our match tracker while you bet. Make the most out of Speedy Spel’s user-friendly Sportsbook and place your in-play bets whenever and wherever you want using your laptop or desktop computer, mobile device, or tablet.

    Betting Tips

    Experience all the drama and euphoria of your favourite sporting event and turn your opinion and expertise into winning bets at Speedy Spel. There’s so much to explore when browsing Speedy Spel’s ‘Sports’ section, which offers everything from a wide range of sports and other events you can bet on, to the most accurate pre-match odds in the industry. In order to bet online, you need to head to our ‘Sports’ section. From there you can select what you want to bet on, which then appears in the betting slip. After you have picked the matches you want to bet on, you can select your stake and click the button to place your bet.

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